Adult Volunteers

Every year, Sacramento is blessed to have many loving adults who volunteer their resources and time to introduce kids to Jesus. These men and women help to provide support, mentorship, and a safe environment for our campers. Being an Adult Volunteer means being willing to work long days, play crazy games, and get messy, all for the sake of the Gospel. It's an awesome and important responsibility. Because Adult Volunteers are such an important part of ensuring the positive spiritual guidance and physical safety of our campers, we take our application process very seriously. 

  • Registration

    - There is a minimal, reduced registration rate for volunteers which helps pay for lodging and food costs while you are at Sacramento. 

    Adult Volunteer Covenant

    - Because Sacramento's Adult Volunteers are asked to provide guidance to our campers, all Adult Volunteers in our summer camping program are required to sign a volunteer covenant. This covenant is simply an agreement and commitment to being part of a team, working with other Volunteers and Sacramento Staff, to reach the goals of providing positive spiritual guidance to all campers, and achieving an outstanding Christian Camping product. This covenant is made available during the registration process.

    Background Check

    - A current criminal background check is required.  This is a part of the registration process.

    Child Safety Course

    - Completion of a child safety course is required before you can serve. “Protect My Ministry” Child Safety Courses is a training program for reducing the risk of "child" abuse, (all those age 18 and under and vulnerable adults), and available to all Adult Volunteers.  At Sacramento, all camp staff and adult volunteers for our camps are required to receive the Protect My Ministry” Child Safety Course or an equivalent training.  The "Protect My Ministry" course is made available to you during the registration process.

  • You can Register Here to be an adult volunteer!

    Camp Sunshine: If you were an adult volunteer in 2023, you will be mailed a registration form.  If you are interested in volunteering for the first time, please call our office. 575-687-3414