We love Work Groups!

Sacramento is blessed with a beautiful piece of land, nestled between mountains and surrounded by National Forest.

With over 300 acres of trails and facilities, there's no shortage of work. We need your help to provide the best atmosphere for our guests to experience God's peace. Sacramento volunteers work with on-site staff members to work on anything from camp renovation and maintenance projects, to helping out in the office - depending on skills of team members.

For any project, materials will be provided, but personal hand tools (well-marked with name) are welcome additions.

The optimal "work crew" size is made up of 15 - 20 volunteers, but smaller or larger groups can also be accommodated. Seven to ten-day stays are ideal, but not mandatory. Volunteers must be 14 or older.

"Work group" cost is $35 per person per night to cover registration, food, and lodging. 

Accommodations are on-site. For other volunteers (such as singles or couples) please call for details.

Work group scheduling depends on availability of facilities, as well as staff scheduling.

If interested in volunteering or bringing a volunteer "work group" to Sacramento, please call, or send us an e-mail at info@sacramentocamp.org