COVID-19 and the New Mexico Annual Conference

2020 Summer Camping Program

This current pandemic has caused many disruptions in so many areas of our lives.  It has impacted all of us in many unexpected ways.  Social distancing seems to have helped flatten the curve as the experts have indicated, but the New Mexico Public Health orders and related closures have also impacted the way we do ministry.  Christian Camping is one of those ministries that have been affected in dramatic ways.


The current COVID-19 situation continues to be very fluid, changing daily.  It is testing the adaptability of many organizations and families.  The leadership of Sacramento Camp and Conference Center, along with leadership with the New Mexico Annual Conference, have been praying for wisdom, as hard decisions must be made. 


Reluctantly, and with a very heavy heart, the leadership has decided to cancel the NMAC 2020 Summer Camping program held at Sacramento Camp and Conference Center.


Many facts as well as unknowns that cause concern came into play as this hard decision was made.  “Go, No-Go” timetables were fast approaching and registrations were by in large non-existent since the beginning of this crisis.  Financial concerns on having adequate paid staffing as well as essential volunteer numbers added to this decision. 

These concerns, as well as many others, have weighed heavy on the hearts of leadership.


Sacramento plans on staying open as public health orders allow.  We are carefully planning to offer a site for quality, high-end retreat options for families, youth groups, churches, and other organizations that desire to plan such events.  These options will most likely be smaller in nature, but it is felt that this retreat ministry will be a welcome respite for a community of people who will relish the opportunity to

“Come to the Mountain and Let God Refresh their Souls”.


Please keep Sacramento in your prayers.  This ministry was founded during the Great Depression in 1931, and since then, God has protected it during many challenges.  Struggling economies, multiple forest fires, mud slides, closure during WWII, as well as spiritual warfare, have revealed to us that God’s love and protection for this ministry is unwavering and He will continue to protect this holy ground.


Please continue to support Sacramento Camp and Conference Center through your prayers, gifts and service. We are grateful for each of you.  We pray that you remain healthy and that God grants you the peace and joy that only He can give. 

Thank you!


 COVID-19 Response 3/13/20

(Updated 4/15/20)

Sacramento knows that as responsible group leaders, guests, and/or parents or guardians of potential campers, many of you are worried about COVID-19 and the repercussions that the virus is causing nationwide.  Undoubtedly, you have many questions; should you attend your churches retreat, should you send your child to Sacramento, should you still attend your scheduled family reunion? What is Sacramento Camp and Conference Center doing to keep me and my family safe?


First, I would like you to know that Sacramento is closely monitoring this situation and working with New Mexico Health officials and other agencies as the situation with COVID-19 evolves. We are committed to doing everything we can to keep our guests safe while visiting Sacramento. 


Sacramento staff will continue to run this camp and conference center with the utmost attention paid to hygiene and guest safety. We have initiated our infectious pathogens response and prevention policies, which outline our increased cleaning procedures, along with many other suggested methods of slowing the transmission of COVID-19 while in a group setting. These changes include everything from education about self-care health screenings/evaluations now and in the season ahead, to increasing the regularity of replacement and type of air filters used in our heating and air-conditioning systems. There is no aspect of camp that has not been scrutinized to assure the safest environment for our guests and staff.  If the need arises, we have quarantine facilities ready for immediate use and will take action to prevent the exposure to other guests.


Currently, we are asking that all our potential guests adhere to the recommendations put forth by the CDC, and New Mexico Department of Health. We ask that any guests who show symptoms consistent with an infectious illness to stay home.  Please call our office for specific information pertaining to your group or further information on the steps we are taking to protect you.


In addition to the above items we are also following good stewardship practices and are analyzing our budget to trim any non-essential expenses to offset the potential loss of income due to this virus.  Be in prayer for all those in need!  God is Good!   

In His Service,

Bill McCuaig

Executive Director