Executive Director

The Board of Directors of Sacramento Camp and Conference Center (SCCC) is seeking a highly qualified and dedicated Executive Director.

The candidate must have the background, skills and abilities essential for excellence in Christian Camping Leadership. The Board recognizes that selecting the Executive Director is the most important decision they will make. The Board has identified the following desired characteristics:

  • Possess strong personal and professional qualities including: honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and transparency that are the hallmarks of a quality camp leader.
  • Have excellent and continuous communications with the Board, staff, and stake holders.
  • A decisive decision maker with the ability to establish clear expectations and ability to evaluate the progress towards those expectations and to hold people accountable.
  • Adept planner with the ability to break down goals into manageable and measurable strategies and activities and the ability to motivate others towards the accomplishment of those goals.
  • Prior Administrative Experience desired.

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If interested, please contact Vernon Asbill, Chair of Search Committee for more information:


PO Box 1374

Artesia, NM 88211

(575) 302-8135

Summer Staff Opportunities

If you are interested in a rewarding and challenging summer job, consider summer employment at Sacramento! Interviews usually start in January and we try to have the positions filled by Spring Break. Competitive salaries plus room and board are offered. Summer staff must be available from June 1 through August 10. Duties may include housekeeping, kitchen crew, trail-blazing, grounds maintenance, building maintenance and/or renovation, assisting volunteer work crews, snack & gift shop staffing - and, above all, the willingness to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our campers! This is a ministry as well as a service opportunity! Thanks for your interest!

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Please fill out and return application via mail, email, or fax to: 

Executive Director

PO Box 8

Sacramento, NM 88347

FAX (575) 687-4219

PHONE (575) 687-3414