Why come to camp at Sacramento?

Camp gets you out of your everyday life and away from the distractions of life. Television, phone, and activities all pull us away from God. When there is time away in a Christian environment, a relationship with God can be nurtured and developed. 

Summer camp at Sacramento is not just about getting away for fun. It is about growing in the Lord. Some of the most important and life changing decisions in people’s lives have been made at camp. Emotional, physical, and spiritual revival make camp an important experience. Leadership and goal setting is encouraged. Self esteem is given a boost. New friendships and character can be built in a safe environment. Opportunities to try new adventures in a natural setting are provided. Memories will be made that last a lifetime. You are brought close to the creation God has made. 

So choose from our list of great summer camp opportunities and start planning YOUR experience! Whether you're new to camping, or a returning camper, Sacramento is where you'll be welcomed with open arms by friends old and new.

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2022 Summer Conference Camp Opportunities

We love camp and we are looking forward to our 2022 camp season! 

These are the Conference Camps that we are hosting in the summer of 2022. 

Check back in February for prices for the camps. Registration will begin in March!

Camper Check-in / Check-out Procedures

Scholarship Request Form

Church Registration Assistance

  • Young Elementary Camp

    June 10 - 12

    For campers entering grades 2-4

    2019 Video

  • Older Elementary Camp

    July 11 - 15

    For campers entering grades 4-6

    2019 Video

  • SYC  (Sacramento Youth Camp)

    June 20 - 24

    For campers entering grades 7 - graduate

    2019 Video

    Be sure to visit sycamp.com for more info and pictures!

  • Music On The Mountain Camp

    July 10 - 15

    For campers entering grades 7 - graduate

    2019 Video

  • Sacramento Family Camp

    July 4 - 8

    For families of ALL ages

    2019 Video

  • Camp Sunshine

    June 27 - July 1

    For those with mental challenges - ages 16+

    2019 Video

  • Elementary Horse Camps

    Elementary Horse Camp: June 13 - 17

    Girls Elementary Horse Camp: July 18 - 22

    For campers entering grades 4-6

    2019 Video

  • Youth Horse Camps

    Youth Horse Camp: July 27 - 31

    Advanced Youth Horse Camp: June 27 - July 1

    For campers entering grades 7 - graduate

    2019 Video

Adult Volunteers

Every year, Sacramento is blessed to have many loving adults who volunteer their resources and time to introduce kids to Jesus.  These men and women help to provide support, mentorship, and a safe environment for our campers.  Being an Adult Volunteer means being willing to work long days, play crazy games, and get messy, all for the sake of the Gospel.  It's an awesome and important responsibility.  Because Adult Volunteers are such an important part of ensuring the positive spiritual guidance and physical safety of our campers, we take our application process very seriously.  

Requirements to Serve

To serve as an Adult Volunteer at Sacramento's Summer Camps, 

each applicant must complete the following items, 

all of which are available through Sacramento.

  • Registration

    There is a minimal, reduced registration rate for volunteers which helps pay for lodging and food costs while you are at Sacramento. You may access our registration site from the "Register Here" tab once registration has opened.

  • Adult Volunteer Covenant

    Because Sacramento's Adult Volunteers are asked to provide guidance to our campers, all Adult Volunteers in our summer camping program are required to sign a volunteer covenant.  This covenant is simply an agreement and commitment to being part of a team, working with other Volunteers and Sacramento Staff, to reach the goals of providing positive spiritual guidance to all campers, and achieving an outstanding Christian Camping product.  This covenant is made available during the registration process.

  • Background Check

    A current criminal background check is required.  This is part of the registration process.

  • Child Safety Course

    Completion of a child safety course is required before you can serve.  "Safe Sanctuaries" and “Protect My Ministry” Child Safety Courses are training programs for reducing the risk of "child" abuse, (all those age 18 and under and vulnerable adults), and available to all Adult Volunteers.  At Sacramento, all camp staff and adult volunteers for our conference camps are required to receive either “Safe Sanctuaries” training, or the equivalent “Protect My Ministry”  Child Safety Course.  The "Protect My Ministry" course is made available to you during the registration process.

Helpful Training Documents

Below are training articles written by experienced camp professionals, designed to educate and strengthen adult volunteers and camp counselors.  These trainings are presented by the Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA), and the American Camp Association (ACA) to better prepare individuals for their important roles at camp.  Although reading these articles is not a requirement to serve, we highly recommends each adult volunteer and counselor take advantage of the wealth of knowledge these trainings offer.